Harbour Town Shopping Complex

The construction schedule for this project required all mechanical work to be completed and functional within a three month timeframe. The fit-out work for each of the tenancies (145 in total) was also required to be completed within three months.

Project Name : Harbour Town Shopping Complex

Client : Harbour Town

Project Description :

Setting up all HVAC services for Harbour Town, a brand direct retail complex comprising of some 145 tenancies (approximately 34,000 m2 over two floors).

The basic rectangular shape of this shopping mall required four main plant rooms (one at each corner). Ductwork extended outwards along each of the malls.

Mechanical services for this project included the following major items:

  •     Three air cooled chillers (3,600 kW capacity)
  •     12 variable volume CHW air handling systems (average 16,000 L/s)
  •     Seven constant volume CHW air handling systems (average 500L/s)
  •     173 electric reheat VAV boxes
  •     Three evaporative coolers for make-up air
  •     Numerous ventilation systems
  •     Provision of a DDC Building Management System
  •     Power and controls cabling
  •     Reticulated chilled water pipe work
  •     Ductwork, air diffusion and fittings

In order to ensure that work within the trading areas was completed on time, construction of mechanical services was initially centred on the main duct runs and VAV boxes (contrary to the normal ‘plant room outwards’ procedure). Installation of plant room services was delayed due to construction.

As a result, we ended up with an extremely tight installation period prior to the commissioning phase. Additional installation teams were employed and all available engineering staff enlisted to ensure quality checks and approvals were carried out prior to completion.

By working closely with the Mechanical Engineer (Wood and Grieve), the builder, and various individual fit-out contractors, all necessary design work was completed and approved in a timely fashion. All occupied tenancies were handed over, with base contract works, on time for the grand opening.

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Harbour Town Shopping Complex