ABC Accommodation Building

The ABC Accommodation Project involved many complex technical features including stringent acoustic requirements and staged handover for critical areas. The project had a construction period of 18 months and was completed in September 2004.

Project Name : ABC Accommodation Building – East Perth

Client : Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Project Description :

New state of the art facility to house the ABC's broadcasting studios in Western Australia.

Mechanical services consisted of:

-    Central chilled water systems complete with cooling towers and pumps

-    Ultra violet water sterilising system.

-    Central heating water boilers.

-    One 14 zone built-up air handling unit delivering 53,000 L of conditioned air per second.

-    Further Fifteen 15 air handling units.

-    Precision controlled AC units serving the data and data storage rooms.

-    Energy optimisation systems to control the usage of chillers, boilers, AHU’s and pumps.

-    A Direct Digital Control (DDC) building management system incorporating security and fire alarms.

-    Associated piping and sheet metal duct.

-    Acoustic treatment to mechanical systems serving studios.

-    Attenuation and noise control requirements.

More than 50 client initiated system changes were managed throughout the project duration and a significant amount of redesign was required due to space and programming constraints.

Jako Industries carried out each of these design changes in close consultation with project design consultants and the client.

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ABC Accommodation Building
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New state of the art facility to house the ABC broadcasting studios in western Australia.
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