Department of Conservation - Biodiversity Science Building

Project Name : Biodiversity Science Building

Client : DEC / Universal Constructions

Project Description :

HVAC systems for a new Department of Conservation Building with individual departments occupying different areas.
Mechanical services consisted of:

  • A central chilled water plant complete with chillers, cooling towers and pumps.
  • A central heating water plant complete with boiler and pump.
  • Constant volume air handling systems.
  • Variable volume air handling systems complete with VAV boxes.
  • Dehumidification systems serving constant humidity rooms.
  • Fume cupboards and associated ventilation systems.
  • General ventilation systems.
  • Cool rooms and freezer rooms.
  • Drying ovens.
  • Chilled, condenser and heating water pipe work.
  • Refrigeration pipe work.
  • Mechanical services switchboards and electrical services.
  • Honeywell BMS control system.
  • Achieving required tolerances for humidity controlled rooms.