We believe we're only as good as the people we employ and we know that maintaining business sustainability means addressing a range of environmental, social and economic considerations.

Environmental Consideration 

We strive to maximise efficiency in all areas of the manufacturing process. Ongoing software development and technological changes to machinery and manufacture methodology are helping us reduce output of material waste.

We are committed to promoting the recovery, reuse and recycling of steel, insulation and other material waste generated during the manufacturing process.

Health and Safety 

Employee wellbeing is intrinsic to our work. We do whatever it takes to provide our people with a safe and healthy working environment.

Community Involvement

We demonstrate social responsibility by promoting values and supporting initiatives that give back to the local communities associated with our business.

Our Community investment has over the years benefitted various schools, health and aged care organisations as well as countless charities and fundraising opportunities.

Ethical Standards

We conduct our business with high ethical standards (including dealings with employees, builders, consultants, suppliers and the community).

How we interact with these people is equally as important as the work we deliver. Our internal culture values teamwork, encourages leadership and takes pride in delivering an overall experience.


We're proud of how we do business and are more than happy to share our key company policies with anyone who is interested. If you have any questions or would like something clarified, just let us know.

  1. Quality Policy
  2. Quality Certificate
  3. Environmental Policy
  4. OH&S Policy
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