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At Jako Industries, we proudly design, engineer, manufacture, and install our HVAC systems for commercial and industrial properties throughout Western Australia (WA). Producing all products within our purpose-built facility enables us to design and create customised systems for complex projects. Since 1972, Jako Industries has been servicing various industries including:


At Jako Industries, we manufacture all of our HVAC components within our purpose-built facility. Over the decades, we have evolved from a manual hands-on approach to a highly computerised production system. These advancements provide us peace of mind that every component manufactured within our facility is consistent and of exceptional quality.

Our Purpose-Built Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility at Jako Industries has been designed to strategically optimise production without compromising safety. High-quality sheet metal and HVAC systems have been engineered and produced within our current purpose-built manufacturing facility since 2010. Development of facility procedures ensures product quality is consistent and reliable.

Our Manufacturing Team

Valuing ongoing training and development, our team stays at the forefront of manufacturing processes and techniques. Utilising top-of-the-line tools and equipment allows our team to produce products which exceed industry standards. Consistent upskilling ensures that every product leaving our workshop is high-quality.

Quality Assured Products

Our commitment to providing high-quality solutions was formalised in 1995 when we achieved ISO 9001 accreditation. Taking great pride in the design, engineering, and production of our HVAC and sheet metal products enables us to produce both standard and customised products for more complex projects.

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to Health and Safety

Our expertise has accredited Jako Industries a notable reputation for quality and service aligning with our commitment to health and safety. In maintaining a safe working environment, our team undergo ongoing training, reinforcing our dedication to efficient, quality service and safety of both our team and clients.